Directions For Use:

Duraseps™ Elastomeric Separators
Essix® Alginate Remover
Essix® Impression Guards
SpaceFile® IPR Files

Essix® PLUS™ Plastic
Essix ACE® Plastic
Essix A+® Plastic
Essix C+® Plastic
Essix® Dual Laminate Plastic
Essix® Laminated Sports Mouthguard Material
Essix® Sports Mouthguard Material
Essix® Nightguard Laminate Plastic
Essix Tray Rite® Plastic
Essix® Bleach Tray and Model Duplication Material
Drufosoft® Sports Mouthguard Material
Drufosoft® Pro

Hilliard Thermoplier® Pliers
H.I.T.® - Hook Inserting Tack System Pliers
Window Punching Pliers

Equipment Manuals:
Essix® SelectVac® Vacuum Machine
Original Essix® Vacuum Thermoforming Machine
Precision Electric Heat Knife
TRAY-LUX™ Light Curing Unit
TurboMAX® Alginate Auto Mixer
Drufomat Scan
Funky Tool


Additional Resources:

How-To Guides
How-To Videos

MTM® Clear•Aligner In-Office RX Form - Universal
MTM® Clear•Aligner In-Office RX Form - Palmer



Patient Care:

Bruxism "S" Splint
Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters
Cordless Sonic Cleaner
insta-FRESH™ Dental Appliance Cleaner
MTM® Clear•Aligner Patient Use and Care Instructions
Ortho-LipGuard™ Strips
Retainer Brite® Cleaning Tablets
Retainer Brite® Foam
Retainer Retriever















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